Art guides us away from the consumerism and towards a healthier way of excisting as humans.

When the colour glides and moves on canvas, it merges into the larger movement of the universe in and around me. Over an over again I step into the unknown to bring out whatever wants to become visible and feelable through me.

I graduated 2016 from the Open Art School in Helsinki. I live and work in Helsinki, Finland.

Next exhibition

28.9. - 7.10. 2020 Galleria Alkuvoima, Turku

Past exhibitions

23.8. The Night of the Arts: Open Studio

9.6.-25.6. "Breakfast from the past", Maunula House, Helsinki. Paintings and sound installations by Afgan and Finnish artists.

18.5.-3.6. Open Art School 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition, Vanha Talvitie 9, Helsinki

10.-28.4. 2018 Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki

9.8.-27.8.2017 Gallery Koivulinna, Pukkila

15.8.-30.8.2017 Pop-up gallery Wheel, Lauttasaarentie 7

2.-30.6.2017 Melt Eatery, Suvannonkatu 18

28.6.-16.7.2017 Gallery Koivulinna, Pukkila

1.-13.4.2017 Gallery MysticALArt, Mäkelänkatu 16